For somebody suffering from acne, the controversy surrounding the acne diet can be very confusing indeed. First we are told there is no such thing as an acne diet. On the other hand, there is another acne diet theory doing the rounds that suggests that the kind of food you eat is directly linked to the odds of you getting acne. Foods such as chocolate, greasy foods, spicy foods or fizzy drinks were thought to be directly linked to acne. However, the most recent research indicates that there is in fact no significant link between any of these foods and acne. There is however a certain acne diet that should be followed which is actually a general diet that will ensure you are healthy in all aspects.

While there is no one particular acne diet food type, eating the wrong foods all the time, will compromise your immune system and this will make it easier for the acne causing bacteria to grow. The general health of your skin is not the only reason. With certain foods there is a longer digestion time and in many people food sensitivity will cause the chemicals that help food to digest to aggravate an existing acne condition, or may trigger it in the first place.

Meat has been found to be one of those triggers and a San Francisco beauty therapist has reported that the client who eat more meat are more prone to acne and are also more hirsute. While this is not scientific research in itself, there are various reports that can back up her claim.

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Acne Diet and Meat

Meat is one of those foods that take a long time to digest and they produce fairly high levels of steroids and hormones. This can attribute to some of the hormonal imbalances that people already have leading to acne outbreaks. What the body does not produce to counteract this imbalance is Essential Fatty Acids, or EFA. There are published studies in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology that have shown people who suffer from hormone related acne are actually deficient in EFA.

While there may be no direct acne diet regime you must follow, a 2003 study in the Archives of Dermatology how shown the lifestyle and dietary roles that affect the occurrence of acne. The study showed while 80 percent of an American group of teenagers (aged between 15 and 25) suffered from acne, the same group in Papua New Guinea had no acne at all. They contributed this to the difference in the Western and non Western eating habits and physical fitness levels. The research has linked the Western diet to higher insulin levels.

This means that if you suffer from acne you should eat an acne diet that consists of plenty of fruit and vegetables for vitamins and minerals, lentils, fibres and wheat germ for EFA, cut down on the meat and high carbs and drink lots of water to flush out toxins. This is the diet we should be eating anyway for a healthy body, not only to prevent acne.