a1Reconst Posturale gives a commitment to provide you information about your posture and things you need to know about physiotherapy. We want to show the importance of enforcing mobility and functionality of someone who needs therapy with the help of a physiotherapist. The things you need to know are our priority.

Reconst Posturale is dedicated to helping the public through the knowledge that we can give. We are aware that it is not easy to go through any impairment or disability whether it is temporary. We promote the benefits that you can get from physical therapy to put you back in your normal shape.

Reconst Posturale is the site that you can trust to get the information you need. We aim to show you the things that can help. Reconst Posturale was born because we know the hardship and struggles of an individual who strives to be better and overcome different circumstances that they went through. We want to share the actual life experiences that others had to go through, not to pity them but to let it serve as an example to motivate people who need help.

If you are someone who suffered any accidents, illnesses or disabilities, Reconst Posturale will guide you with the things that can help you.