Most of us take ourselves for granted even if we are already in pain. That is not something new. Maybe we can call it human nature. Have you been experiencing chronic pains but refused to seek medical attention? Do you think that it’s just one of those days, and the pain will pass? A lot of us are like that, but there are instances that we cannot avoid to seek help. Let me give you some situations when we need to undergo physiotherapy.

1. Injury


Okay, you’re an athlete and getting injured is part of your life. You can also be anybody that got into an accident and needed medical help to resume the natural functions of your body. It doesn’t matter who you are because if you got yourself in trouble and wanted to regain your strength, it is a must that you go through physiotherapy.

2. Chronic pain


Having chronic pain is a lot of trouble. At first, yes you can tolerate it, but there will come a time that it will already affect your life. Chronic pain needs to be treated before it gives you poor performance on your day to day activities.

3. Pregnancy


We are all aware that a woman’s body goes through drastic changes during pregnancy. It is the time that the body needs extra care because you’re not just protecting yourself but your baby as well. A physical therapist can help you with the things that can be done so your joints will be prepared as the baby grows bigger in your womb.

4. Surgery


It doesn’t matter if it is pre-surgery or post-surgery. You need help so that you can stay safe and physiotherapists can do that. You will undergo surgery to be better. After that you don’t want another problem that can cause more damage like blood clots or muscle immobility, right?

Physiotherapy can play a significant role in our wellness, and we should not forget that. Therapy can help us to overcome disabilities and lead a meaningful life.